Introducing Sapana Studios

Sapana Studios: A Community for Dreamers

By Sarah Andrews, Founder

Ever since I was a young kid, I have been captivated by words and ideas. In grade school, I would predictably spend each weekly allowance at the local book store, handing over fists of $5 bills in exchange for the latest book in the Sweet Valley Twins series. On trips to see my grandparents, I would sneak off into my grandfather's home office and pound out stories about playground love triangles on his old Commodore Amiga. I'd write screenplays and then round up friends from the neighborhood to act them out, directing them around my living room like a miniature, sugar-fueled Penny Marshall, as my dad trailed behind me capturing it all on our VHS video recorder. 

Stories ruled my life. 

They continued to do so into adolescence, when I somehow managed to convince my local town newspaper in New Hampshire to give me a weekly assignment, and then into my career, through which I have had the fortune to work as a journalist, a marketer, and a leader of growing international and domestic social change movements.

In each role I have held, I have been humbled to experience how stories connect us and unite us, despite our backgrounds and external circumstances, and how they are instrumental in helping us to build movements and create change through our work.

At Sapana Studios, our vision is to collaborate with entrepreneurs, creatives, and business and nonprofit leaders and effectively communicate their stories to the world in order to mobilize initiatives, build organizations, and ignite action behind ideas. 

If this speaks to you, I hope you'll drop us a line and let us know what you're working on or pass this website along to someone you know who is looking to collaborate. 

Thanks so much for being here and for taking time to read this small part of our story. We can't wait to learn more about yours.